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Huge Success of Amur Tiger Conservation Programme

Kharkov Zoo has been taking an active part in EARAZA and EAZA Conservational programmes. Therefor we are glad to announce the wonderful news about release of a tigress onto the wils after a long rehabilitation course. Special attention should be paid to the fact that we have managed to create a new areal for the tiger in the territory of right bank of Amur river where the tigers have been extinct for 50 years. This case is the first in international toger conservation practice!

Our Russian colleagues have shared this information with us:

Huge Success of Amur Tiger Conservation Program!

Amur Tigress named Zolushka has become a mother of two tiger cubs. 

The experiment of reintroduction of Amur Tiger accomplished by the Institute of Ecology and Evolution named after A.N. Severtsov of Russian Academy of Sciences, has turned out marvellously. "Bastak" reserve in Jewish autunomy region has informed that the tigress named Zolushka saved by scientists and released into the reserve after rehabilitation period in Primorsky kray in 2013, has become a mother of two cubs. The photo trap has made a snap of the tigress with her youngsters. According to scientists' data, the sire of the cubs is Zavetny who shares his terrotiry with the tigress.

Вот какой информацией поделились с нами российские коллеги:

Zolushka was found as a cub in 2012 in Primorsky kray. She was exhausted at that time. The animal underwent treatment in rehabilitation in Alekseyevka (Primorsky kray). She was released into the wild in 2013. "Bastak" reserve workers watched Zolushka on a constant basis - first with the help of GPS-collar, then by means of study of foot-prints, during last 18 months with the help of photo-traps. During the whole period of observations there have been received more than a thousand of photos of Zolushka female and of Zavetny male. Zavetny is the first wild toger who settled in Jewish autonomy region after 40 years of Amur Tiger population extinction in the region.

The project is being realized within frame of Amur Tiger Conservation Program in the Far East.

Respectfully yours,

Anna Yatchmennikova

on behalf of the Workshop Organising Committee
A.N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, 
Russian Academy of Sciences (IEE RAS)
Leninski prospect, 33
119071 Moscow