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Houses for Starlings

This Saturday, 25th of February, Young Biologists of Kharkov Zoo participated in master class in making houses ofr birds. This event took place in "Landau Centre" of the Kharkov National University named after Vasiliy Nazarovitch Karazin. Construction of houses for birds is a typical activity of Young Biologists of the past and the present times. So what's the big deal in botching a small house for birds? But it appears to involve many details...

The house should be made of wood, not of plywood. The house should be isolated from gapings. It should have prtable roof. Entrance should of of certain dimensions. Inner walls should not be painted or polished. Should these rules be not followed, birds are not going to enjoy this house. The famous pole in front of the entrance is not needed for the majority of birds; it only makes the house more accessible to cats.

Members of "Landau Centre" and Young Biologists together with their leader explained all these rules to visitors and showed correct and incorrect designs of houses for birds, showed how to construct them.