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Happy Birthday to You, Nika!

      On the 30th of January our favourity, chimp Nika, is celebrating its first jubilee date.

Nika appeared in Kharkov Zoo in 2008 when she was only one year of age. Soon she became the apple of eveyone's eye.      

Of course, like evey kid, she needed lots of attention. Since the first days Zoo workers enwrapped the baby with care and love, never left her alone neither in the daytime nor at night. They fed her, changed her diapers, took her for a walk in a pram, played with her and put her to bed. They became caring and loving parents for her.      

She learned how to draw  from her teacher Oleg Aleksandrovitch Korshunov, Manager of Department of Primates. She gets really involved into the process, she evinces great concentration power and initiative. 


     А с помощью представительниц прекрасного пола Ника постигала азы высокой моды. Если бы среди шимпанзе проводился конкурс красоты, то наша Ника-Мода стала бы настоящей королевой подиума.


But even the most caring people will never substitute for a real primate family. Adult Nika needs a home that will correspond to modern demands of the Zoo world, she needs other chmp friends.      

Due to the current reconstruction of Kharkov Zoo Nika is temporarily staying in Berdyansk Zoo together with her friend Larik and her new friend Sonya 

     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmbQu9cnD24 \

Kharkov Zoo workers come to visit her whenever it is possible. She is under constant care of the Manager of Department of Primates, Viktoria Mikhailovna Kozyreva.

Notwithstanding the fact that Nika is a grown-up independent lady, she is still our beloved child.