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Happy Birthday, Nika!

The little chimp Nicoletta was born 30 January 2007 in Nikolayev Zoo. She came to Kharkov Zoo in February 2008 and won the hearts of Zoo Kharkov workers at once. At first the active, playful, funny and energetic baby needed constant care and attention. Kharkov Zoo specialists became caring and sympathetic foster parents. They stayed with her at night, too. Nika slept together with them and spent her daytime wile playing. But kids grow soon. Now our beautiful Nika is 9 years old, she has got a boy-friend named Larik. But she does not forget her "foster parents". 

One should never forget that notwithstandine the attachment to humans and playfulness chimpanzees will never be human pet animals. We never forget that when we solicalize with them. Still, we treat them as they were our children, we give them presents and care for them.

Детство Николетты