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Gopher Day

In Ukraine Gopher Day is celebrated on the 2nd of February. In the USA and in Canada this day became officially celebrated in 1886. According to the tradition, people who are waiting for weather predicament, watch the behaviour of the gopher who comes out of his tunnel. If the day is murky, the gopher can't see its shadow and does not come back to its tunnel, the weather will be an erly one. If the day is sunny, the gopher can see its shadow and it hides back into its tunnel - that means that several frosty weeks are coming.

The history of the event starts in the Ancient Rome where they watched the behaviour of a hedgehog who was woken up from his winter slumber. Peoples of Western Europe kept this tradition. In Northern Germany, for example, people watched the behaviour of a woken badger during this day.

In Ukraine our marmotta bobaks still are in their hibernation period, they wake up only in March. In order to watch his behaviour one has to make him wake up. It is not a good thing for the animal.



More details and interesting facts you will see  in morning program of the local TV channel "OTB" this Monday, at 8.10.