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Gaudy Plumage

Peacocks are stunningle beautiful birds that come from pheasant family. This gracious bird is also a relative of a common hen. In the wild peacocks live in India, Nepal, Sri-Lanka. Males difer from females, they have got a bright and long tail that flourishes by the third year of their lives. These elegant dendies make their tales like fans and dance, thus attracting attention of females. The peacock's plumage is decorated with "eyes design". These birds were domesticated in ancient times. Aristocrates kept them as decoration. In 1963 in  India peacocks were announced ar holy and were assigned as a national symbol.


These magnificent gaudy birds live in a group in Kharkov Zoo. We also keep albinos. These snowy-white-plumaged creatures are especially charming. These birds get acclimatizeв quite  easily, they do not have special demands for husbandry, they are sturdy to rain and cold. Spring is the period when males attract as much females as they can. Dressed in multi-coloured attire, a peacock saunters proudly before females, shakes his plumage thus producing a delicate rustle, spreads his feathers like a fan. Visitors of Kharkov Zoo will be able to relish this sight in Spring.