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A Few Words About the Symbol of 2016

Cute and alarming, funny and frightening - monkeys have always risen much interest in humans. Their mops and mows, their imitation of human gestures and actions - all this can be watched for long. Numan attitudeto our "close relatives" has been constantly changing in the course of centuries - from deep veneration to blame in every numan sin. Egyptians, Indians, Malayan people idolized monkeys.  Arabs and Caffres thous them to be "demons". People who lived close to them and who could watch the, closely, thought them to be human.

Each monkey living in Kharkov Zoo has a bright personality. Japanese macaques can resist low temperatures; they wash sweet potatos before eating them. Weeper capuchins are among the most smart monkeys of the New World - they know how to open nuts by crashing them against boulders. Green Monkeys can warn their kin of a danger and explain particularities. Rhesus Macaques unite in groups and are able to kick Indian Bear away. Pig-tailed monkeys "help" to collect coconuts. Baboons (Hamadryas Baboons, Guinea Baboons, Anibis Baboons) have got a well-developed system of mimic and acoustic sygnals. The most intelligent monkeys, Chimpanzees, resemble people very much in their behavious.

You are welcome to visit the Zoo and relish in socializing with the idols of 2016!