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Event Dedicated to International Animal Protection Day

Animal protection – is the main goal of the Zoo. It comprises animal exposition, educational activities, participation if rare species breeding programmes, biology studies, optimal animal husbandry, promotion of gene pool, ecoethic upbringing of children.

3 October Kharkov Zoo celebrated event dedicated to the International Animal Protection Day. Kids and adults were invited to participate in educational quest. Participants learned to discern some animal species by their voices. Also they made origami animl figures, learned of diet of local fauna representatives and found out other useful information about animal world. Having completed all the quests, the participants received prizes from adventure park named after Artyom. Three best players were awarded by souvenirs from TM "Weleda".

Zoo workers showed how to make toys for environment enrichment of carnivores, birds and monkeys. Our visitors learned of many ways how to make life of Zoo animals more interesting and more natural.

Feeding of brown bears caused great exaltation. Our bears could hunt for lie fish in their ponds.

The smallest visitors were entertained by actors of "Magic Theatre School". Kids in bright costumes created festive atmosphere. Their "Fairytale Sitting-Room" allowed the kids to plunge into the world of magic.