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Environment Enrichment for Animals of Kharkov Zoo

Any human gets bored with humdrum stereotypic environment. Sometimes one wants to change something, to replace or to add something. We start being createive. Animals are no different. Any animal that inhabits the Zoo, needs various foods in the diet and environment enrichment. 

Members of the Zoo staff try to make living of their animals more bright and more diverse. Any slight change in the enclosure, any novelty rises interest in the animal. An ordinary car tyre causes different kinds of reaction: 


Concerning the diet, hunger is the best sauce. Any task can be decided. Sometimes different methods are used but the answer is right. Our animals, mongoose family and a raccoon, managed to find their food successfully:


Самая обычная автомобильная покрышка вызывает разную реакцию у разных животных
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