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Enrolment to Young Biologists' Club for 2015-2016 Studying Year

Young Biologists' Club of Kharkov Zoo, the eldest in Ukraine, is announcing enrolment of new members into studying groups in 2015- 2016 studying year. 

The Young Biologists' Club accepts schoolchildren from 12 till 16 years of age. Demands for new members are: sense of responsibility, interest in biology, willingness to attend classes regularly.

The enrolment will take place from 25 August till 15 October in studying-room on the second floor of "Young Biologists' House" on Saturdays and Sunday from 9.00 till 12.00. On other days preliminary arrangement with the leader of the Club is needed.

In order to get enrolled one needs to produce a letter of recommendation from school (from biology teacher or from class master) with school stamp on it. The applicant for entry should come with a parent and receive introductive safety instruction from the club master. Then the letter of application should be submitted.

The attendance of the Young Biologists' Club is free. After assignment one gets temporary admission ticket that gives a right oа visiting the Zoo for free.

The whole studying course is tailored for several years. Classes are given by qualified biology educators. The program comprises theoretical and practical classes in zoology, general biology, nature conservation as well as educational trips and excursions, also training of animal care skills (feeding, cleaning, taming, environment enrichment) on the basis of department of hand-reared animals of the Zoo. Besides that, young biologists traditionally participater in organization of various festive events in the Zoo. 

As a rule, classes take place on Saturdays and Sundays from 9.00 till 14.00 all studying year long. Schedule of each group  depends on the age of children, time of the years and other circumstances. During school holidays the schedule is different.

You are welcome to ask your questions to Yevgeniy Aleksandrovitch, leading Club Master. Tel.: 095 543 57 97