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Elephants Celebrated their Feast and the Bear Got his Name

Last Saturday, 20 June, the Zoo celebrated "Elephant Day". This feast became traditional for the Zoo. This year this event was special because the House of Elephants celebrated its 90 years birthday.

Dance groups "Apsara" and "Sitara" presented gorgeous performances in traditional and modern styles. Young Biologists of Kharkov Zoo prepared felicitation interlude. Zoo quiz was organized for most investigative visitors. The smallest ones played with clown Fedya, made drawings of elephants, collected puzzles and participated in master classes.  

What about elephants? They payd little attentiona to fuss around them, still they accepted festive treats quite readily. These treats were prepared by Zoo workers.

Also during this event the name for the bear cub was chosen. The bear cub was born several months ago. During three weeks Zoo visitors proposed their variants by putting them down on entrance tickets. At last the festive occasion took place. Ornela, sister of the bear cub (she chose her name during Children Protection Day), chose the bottle with Olimpic name in it. This name was proposed by Valeriy Fyodorovich Fedotov.

Olimpic is quite an peculiar name. Few people know that that used to be the name of one of three liners made in the beginning of the XXth century in Great Britain. Two of them ended in a tragical way: "Britannic" got lost by mine. "Titanic"'s destiny is well-known. "Olimpic" worked successfully during many years. We wish our Olimpic bear many and happy years of life!