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Elephant Day in Kharkov Zoo

Press Announcement
Kharkov Zoo
20  June  2015 , Saturday, 11.00,  House of Elephants
Tel. 705-44-89, 705-44-90

20 June Kharkov Zoo will celebrate Elephant Day event dedicated to protection of these amazing terrestrial animals.

At present elephants are kept in three Ukrainian Zoos - Kharkov Zoo, Kiev Zoo and Odessa Zoo. Kharkov Zoo is the eldest in Ukraine and the first Zoo to keep Asian elephants (Elephas maximus). In 1925, owing to Zoo founder N.P. Evald's efforts, elephant female Moka was bought in Hamburg for 5300 roubles from well-known animal hunter and trader Karl Hagenbeck. Arrival of the new Zoo inhabitant was filmed by reporters of the majority of local newspapers. 

7 october 2000 a two-year-old elephant female tendy came from Odessa Zoo. She was born 19 July 1998. Elephant male Aung Naing Lay was born 9 November 1997 in Emmen Zoo, Holland. He was transfered to Kharkov Zoo on 25 April, 2002 osing to EAZA EEP.

At present our elephants are adult and it is high time to create a family.

The event program includes:

1. Opening of the event. "Elephant Saga", report on conservation problems and meaning of Zoos in this matter (near Tendy's enclosure).

2. Gala concert of young biologists of Kharkov Zoo and children art groups (near Ganesha statue).

3. Summing up the results of "Give a Name to the Bear Cub" contest. Our Himalayan black bear female Ornelia will choose a name for her brother and define the winner.

4. Quiz game with prizes "Everything about elephants" (near Elephant House).

5. Merry games with a clown for children (near Elephant House).

6. Quest games:

- "Is it an Asian elephant or an African elephant?"

- "What are elephants able to do?"

- Collect an elephant figure out of pieces (near Elephant House).

7.Exhibition of children drawings "We love elephants" (near Elephant House).

8. "Elephant made with your own hands" shop will be working thoughout the event. Children and adults will learn to draw funny elephants. 

All day long visitors will be able to see photo exhibition "Amazing Elephants" near the administration office.

We are looking forward to see you at our event!