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The "Elephant Day" Event in Kharkov Zoo

18 June Kharkov Zoo will provide "Elephant Day" event dedicated to protection of these amazing "hulks" of the dryland.

At present Asian elephants are presented in three Zoos of Ukraine - Kharkov Zoo, Odessa Zoo and Kiev Zoo. Kharkov Zoo is the eldest in Ukraine and the first Zoo that started to keep Elephas maximus, Asian elephants. In 1925, due to efforts of Zoo Garden Director Т.P. Evald, an elephant female Moka was bought at the price of 5300 roubles from a well-known animal catcher and animal seller Karl Hagenbeck in Hamburg.The arrival of the new inhabitant oа the Zoo цыфы photod by many photographers of local poapers and papers of Ukrainian Republic. 

On the 7th of October 2000 a two-year old elephant female Tendy arrived to Kharkov from Odessa. She was born on the 19th July, 1998 in Odess Zoo. 25 April 2002 within the limits of European Endangered Species Program Kharkov Zoo received the male elephant named Aung Naing Lay born 9 November 1997 in Holland.

The program of the event:

1. Opening of the event. Speech on conservation of elephants, importance of Zoos in fulfilment of this task (near Tendy's enclosure).

2. Treatment of elephants.

3. Festive concert performed by children performing groups (near Ganesha statue).

4. Young Biologists' performance and greetings.

5. Quiz game "Everything about Elephants" (near the House of Elephants).

6. Merry games with a funny clown.

7. Master class on plesticine designing of elephants figures. All works will be exhibited near the House of Elephants.

8. Master class for kids "Elephant on the palm of your hand".

Photo exhibition "Amazing Elephants" will be working throughout the day.

We wait for you at our event!