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Elephant Day Event

21 June a traditional “Elephant Day” event will be celebrated in Kharkov Zoo.

At present Asian elephants are kept only in three Ukrainian Zoos – Kharkov Zoo, Odessa Zoo, Kiev Zoo. Kharkov Zoo is the eldest in Ukraine and the first to keep Asian elephants Elephas maximus. In 1925, owing to efforts of N.P. Evald, the Manager of the Zoological Garden, a female Moka was bought in Hamburg from a famous animal dealer Karl Hagenbeck for 5300 roubles. The arrival of the new Zoo inhabitant was photod by many mass-media journalists.


7 October 2000 another young female arrived to Kharkov Zoo – a two-year-old Tendy. She was born 19 July 1998 in Odessa Zoo. 25 April 2002 an elephant male Aung Naing Lay arrived to Kharkov Zoo from Emmen Zoo, the Netherlands. He was born 1997 in Emmen Zoo and was sent to Kharkov Zoo according to EEP breeding program.