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An Elephant Against an Ant

While talking about the strength of a live creature we tend to imagine a huge animal - an elephant, a rhino or a gorilla. But strength does not always coincide with big dimensions. Sometimes small creatures are real power-lifters that are able to carry an object that is several times than their own weight. A common ant is able to carry a weight that is 20 times as heavy as its own body. Leaf-cutting ant is capable to manage a piece of leaf that wighs 50 times as big as its body. That is the same as if a human could lift 2,5 tons. Oribatidae can carry weight that is 1180 as heavy as its body. Just think about it - it is as if a human could lift 82 tons.

Among big animals the most strong are elephant, cheetah and gorilla. Elephants lift and carry weights of about 9 tons. But in proportion to its own weight it is not a record - only 1,7 from its own weight. Cheetah can easily deal with a deer, antelope or roe. It brings its prey on a branch of a tree thus hiding it from other predators. Adult gorilla can lift a weight that is 10 times as heay as its own body.


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