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Don't Take Babies Out f the Forest!

In the end of May and in the beginning of June one can often come across a cute yellow-beaked nestling with tiny wings in the park or in the wood. Its look arises in human heart the will to save it from threats of outer world. People often take this nestling to feed it at home. Nestlings often perish in such cases.



Please when you see a nesling, just go past it. Do not touch hime, you should not take it to your home. Please remember that its parents have not abandoned it, they are somewhere close by. You might not see them but that does not mean they have left their offspring. If a nestling has come to a crowded road or if it is being attacked by dogs, you may put it on a tree branch and go. By doing this, you give the nestling a chance to learn to fly and to stay in the wild.

Don't touch it and don't take it to your home - such is the general rule that is true to all wild animals. It is very hard to rear a healthy animal in human environment. It takes a long and hard adaptation time for a bird to return into the wild nature.