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"Day of the Horse" event

Announcement for the Press

Kharkov Zoo

30 August 2014, Saturday, from 13.00 till 17.00, show ring near horse stables

Tel: 705-44-89, 705-44-90


It is hard to over-estimate the importance of the horse in our life. This animal played an enormous role in life of people of all countries. Horses often are heroes of folk songs, fairy-tales and legends. People organized spectacular festive events dedicated to their rapid battle assistants, indefatigable workers, real family friends.


30 August pony-club “Radis” of Kharkov Zoo invites all of you to attend the festive event dedicated to horses. Our pony-club is eager to be the best horse club, to make people happy from associating with these four-legged animals, to create comfortable keeping conditions for the horses.


The event will be opened by the director of Kharkov Zoo Grigoryev Aleksey Yakovlevich.

Honorary guests, business partners and creative people will attend the event.

Photo exhibition of Natalya Zhurbina will be presented near the show-ring.


The program of the event “Day of the Horse”:

Greetings of the guests;


Obstacle course;

Haute ecole;

Performance of disciples of “Pine Hill” horse club;

Funny contests  (assembling the kit for the horse);

Quiz game;

Presentation of Akhaltekin horse male;

Dance performance, horse revue, horse mode revue.

After the event the most active supporters will get their rewards.

This day visitors who present children ticket, will take a free horse-ride.


Informational Service of the Zoo