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Day of the Horse

30 August Kharkov Zoo celebrated much-waited-for "Day of the Horse" event.


The celebration started from horse revue with participation of our pony-club “Radis”, also guests from “Pine Hill” horse club, “Cascade” horse club and “Heaven Gift” horse club.


The spectators could enjoy this spectacular revue where there were big horses as well as ponies. After the revue our spectators enjoyed show-jumping competitions. All participants were dressed in costumes of the past times – hussard, eastern princess, Greek Goddess, Indian, cowboy. Also there was a lady-cat costume! All members of our club performed very well and won recognition prizes – medals, diplomas, favoritism rose knots and books of Kharkov Zoo! Then our visitors could enjoy the wonderful legend told about a wonderful and magical animal – the horse! After that our spectators participate in quiz game and won prizes as well as colossal positive emotions!


The performance of the equestrian theatre  “Pine Hill” was quite spectacular. The young  performers displayed much courage showing unbelievable tricks together with their four-legged friends. All participants received souvenirs and recognition presents for their wonderful performance.


Our wonderful horse male, Shalakhan by name, aroused great interest with his performance. This is a male of a rare ancient breed, of unbelievable, almost golden taint. He demonstrated his amazing skills: Spanish trot, prancing and lying down by command as well as putting out his tongue! Having seen this horse once, it is not easy to forget him. He is sure to stay forever in the hearts of our spectators.


We would like to say a special thanks to the command “Heaven Gift”. They presented a touching performance based on the friendship of humans and horses. Young riders performed without any appliances that could cause unpleasant feelings to their horses. After this performance we offered to our spectators a funny contest in which two teams – “Pine Hill” club and “School of Interaction with Horses Equi-Vita” competed in assembling the bridle, the saddle, in cleaning the horse as well as in saddling the horse, then coming through obstacle course! The friendship was the winner. The participants received their prizes, the horses won their treat – apples. The most active supporters won the rewards. Strange as it may seem, those were the youngest spectators!


Pony-club disciples demonstrated a revue of outfits for horse riding presented by “Rider and Horse Outfit” shop. The event ended in universal singing of the song “Look how wonderful this world is”.