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The Day of the Biggest Terrestrial Animal on Earth

On the Eve of international Elephant Day which is dated 20 JuneKharkov Zoo celebrated its own event dedicated to these big mammals. We have got two Asian elephants: Tendy female and Aung male. This Saturday, on the 18th of June, all our guests could arrive to India.

At 11.00 A.M., after a short discourse on history of these animals in Kharkov Zoo, Indian carnival started dancing near Elephant House of Kharkov Zoo. Different dance groups presented their performances, a bright firework of dance  art.

Besides this all visitors could try their art skills. One could either draw an elephant using one's hand palm or make an elephant out of plasticine. A constant participant of Zoo events, a red-nosed clown Fedya made kids laugh. Of course, the heroes of the day received many treats. Aung did not stand aside gingerly, he prefered to eat everything right at once but Tendy, as a true lady, delighted in treats after the end of the concert.

Elephants are amazing animals. They can be sad or they can rejoice some event, for example, the birth of a new elephant cub. Elephants can smile. Please come and see it for youself.