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Circus Entertainer in Kharkov Zoo

Polar Bear named Tyoma is a true long-liver. He was born in 1985. Until 1998 he was an actor of "Ice Circus". Polar bears are not so common for circuses as Brown Bears. They are more agressive, they are not easy to tame. Experienced trainers say it all has to do with speciall address to the animal. Polar Bear males get castrated in early age to become less agressove. But the natural behaviour of an animal cannot be changed and this animal does not become safe for humans. This was the case with Tyoma. A young assistant whom all bears loved, wanted to show to his friends that he was a real tame master. In the night time he took his friends to the service zone of the circus and entered the bPolar Bear cage. He used to do that when he was sober but that night he was drunk. The animal lost control because of alcohol smell and the life of the man could not be saved.

It has been for twenty years already that Tyoma has been living happily in the Zoo. He is surrounded with care, love and attention of Kharkov Zoo staff and visitors.

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