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Children Protection Day Event at Kharkov Zoo

The International Children Protection Day is the day of public opinion mobilization to fight agaisnt war, to keep children healthy, to educate children in democratic way. The International Children Protection Day is connected with the most importnt part of our life- with children.

Traditionally in all cities there are events, games and contests. Children faces are merry, parents can plunge into the festive atmoshpere of the event. Come to the Zoo, see the animals and eat lots of ice-cream.

4 June at 12.00 A.M. near the administration office there will be the festive opening of the event. You will be able to attend a concert performed by children art groups.  

Our kind friends are AMMA - Association of Mothers who have many children. They will lead master-classes and contests.

"Ecomeal" producer will offer you a  wonderful program:

- Master class of making figures of salty coloured dough;

- Tasting cookies made of coloured meal;

- David Davidyan, a famous drummer, will amke a master class on drumming.

Also a mgaic show of soap bubbles will bring a special charm to the event.

Rainbow-colored soap bubbles of any shape and size will bring joy to hearts od kids and their parents.

After the concert there will be Zoolottery game with prizes. All people can participate in merry contests.

As usual, Contact Zoo will be working. Attractions and horse rides will be offered.

We are waiting for all kids and their parents! Come to the Zoo!