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Charming Lambs of Moufflons

The priority of any Zoo worker is the welfare of the animals. The animals feel quite comfortable in our Zoo. The proof for that is the successful breeding. In Spring the Zoo looks like a kindergarten.


Traditionally, moufflons start the "baby boom". Charming little lambs have appeared in a moufflon troop. 

European Moufflons differ from other sheep with lighter constitution and smaller size. Ram's heads are decorated with impressive swirling horns. Females have small horns, almost inconspicuous. Scientists have proved that all domestic sheep breeds come from wild sheep that belong to moufflon group. 

Unlike fallow deer and springboks that have always been symbols of grace and beauty, moufflons did not seem that much attractive to the public. of course, a moufflon cannt be called beautiful, especially during vernal change of coat. Tufts of wool hang unattractively from a moufflon's skin at that time. But people, too change their winter coats for spring wear. Why should a moufflon be attractive all year long? All roght, a moufflon is always masticating but fallow deer and springboks do not refuse from masticating, too. Are stubborness and obstinacy, peculiar trait of moufflons, that negative? Moufflons need to protect their own hill with forest and glades and a rockslide, a territory where they can hide from enemies. So moufflons do not deserve human despise concerning their obstinacy.


You are welcome to the Zoo to see these amazing animals and their lively and still timid youngsters. Believe us, you and your children will get unforgettable impressions!