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Celebration of the International Birds' Day in Kharkov Zoo

It is a long-standing tradition to celebrate the Day of Birds in Spring. In ancient times Slavonic people released birds who passed winter in captivity. Later on it was agreed to celebrate the Day of Birds on the 22nd of March, the day of equinox. Another tradition, placing houses for starlings, has also become quite popular. The Day of Birds has evolved into the Day of Greeting of Feathered Friends celebrated by schoolchildren during Spring holidays. Besides the traditional starling-houses, children create houses for other birds species, from blue-tits to owls. In Kharkov Zoo this tradition has been kept for about 90 years aolready, it was born together with Kharkov Zoo Young Biologists’ Club. It is our Club that celebrates the Day of Greeting of Feathered Friends. On this Day Young Biologists of Kharkov Zoo make and place houses for birds, they organize exhibitions of artificial nestling places. This traditions has been kept by new generations of Young Biologists of Kharkov Zoo.

This Saturday at 11 o’clock near the administration office Young Biologists will present a show together with their pets. The special guest  of the show will be European White Pelican. A magnificent group of these birds is kept in Kharkov Zoo. You can admire them at their reconstructed pond by the House of Pelicans.

Near the show site one will be able to participate in master-class on feather painting.  Also a special origami shop will invite everyone to create his own paper crane. If you make a wish and settle your crane in the tree, your wish will come true.

An interesting exhibition of artificial nesting-places and feeders will be presented as well as photo exhibition “Birds of Ukraine” and photo presentation by a member of Young Biologists’ Club of Kharkov Zoo Diana Zhavridovich.

Children folklore group “Merezhka” will present vesnyankas and round dances.

Guests of Kharkov Zoo will be able to see an axhibition of birds of Kharkov region. They will meet a crow, a raven, a jackdaw, a magpie, a  jay, a tawny owl, a long-eared owl and two species of thrushes.

The local radio of Kharkov Zoo will broadcast programs “European White Owl”, “Birds of Kharkov Region”, “Carnivore Birds”.

You are welcome!