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Cat Allows to Love Her only in Her Own Way

Cats are animals who are quite close to the humans. But their independent nature proves that notwithstanding thousands of years of their domesticity cats have remained free and untamed; their tolerance towards humans can be seen as their favour for us.

Apart from usual cats that live close to humans, there are many other representatives of cats. That's why people visit Zoos. They want to see representatives of any continents in one place.



History of cats of Kharkov Zoo starts from 1925. It was when first cats - lions, snow leopards, tigers and jaguars first came to Lharkov Zoo. Various cat species have been kept in Kharkov Zoo for more than 90 years; they have been breeding well, too. There has been breeding success with lions, Amur tigers and leopards.In the new, reconstructeed Zoo Garden, these creatures will have new superb living conditions that can be estimated after the Zoo's opening.

В Харьковском зоопарке после реконструкции появятся редчайшие амурские леопарды