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Carnivore Birds that have had a Bad Luck

Quite often visitors bring injured carnivore birds to the Zoo. In the majority of cases claws and wings are most often injured. These birds would not survive in the wild. Kharkov Zoo surrounds them with care and attention, giving them a chance to live.

In the Zoo exhibition you might have seen an eagle with a mutilated wing. Poachers have fired at this bird. This bird would have perished in the wild, but in the Zoo our veterinaries cured the bird and it has been living here for more than 20 years already. 

Also in the exhibition of carnivore birds you might have noticed a buzzard  without a foot. When the bird was brought to the Zoo, it had two feet but one of them was dead because the bird got entangled in the synthetical rope. 

The Zoo keeps another buzzard that had been struck by a car. The driver himself brought the bird to the Zoo. The wing was broken. It recovered soon. But there was another problem that was more serious. The bird got severe  concussion and it became blind. This bird gets special care: it is hand fed by the Zoo keepers.

Tawny owl has also been struck by a car. it has been living in the Zoo for eight years already. Unfortunately, one yey of the bird is blind.