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Call for Video Greetings

Our beloved Zoo is celebrating its 120th anniversary this September! We announce a call for ther best video greeting for Kharkov Zoo.


1. You record your greeting by camera (or by mobile etc.).

2. You load it on Youtube channel, naming it "Happy Birthday, Kharkov Zoo"!

3. You send us a link to the video and your contact information to the e-mail address: kharkovzoo2010@gmail.com until 28 August.

The best videos will be loaded on Kharkov Zoo web-site as well as in official groups of Kharkov Zoo in Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube.

The author of the best video will be invited to celebration of the Jubilee of Kharkov Zoo on the 6th of September, 2015. He/she will also get a prize.

We wish you inspiration and success!


1. The time rate of the video should not be more than 90 sec.

2. Videos taken in the Zoo territory will be preferred.