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Hindu lotos that came out in the beginning of June, still brings us lots of joy with its stunning bright bloom. Opalescent as  pearls under sunshine, lotuses stand high above water filling the air with their fragrance. In the morning their petals are of bright pink colour. In the daytime their colour varies from tender rose to almost white. These fowers are of extraordinary beauty. They come out in the middle of summer. Lotuses make the Pelican pond quite special. You may admire the blooming lotuses for quite a long time as one plant grows several flowers during summer. However, one flower's life span is about several days.

Blooming lotuses are a rare sight nowadays though they used to decorate the ponds of Slobozhansky region. We are glad to share this pleasant event with you, our dear friends, and we invite you to come and enjoy this bright star of botanical collection of the Zoo.