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A Bride-Groom from Russia

Press Announcement

Kharkov Zoo

30 August 2014, Saturday, 12.00, House of Primates

Tel.:  705-44-89, 705-44-90


The apes comprise of two orang-outang  species, two gorilla species, two chimpanzee species and ten species of gibbons. Gibbons and orang-outangs  inhabit South-Eastern Asia. Chimps and gorillas live in Equatorial Africa. Our Zoo keeps chimpanzees. No other apes have been ever kept in Kharkov Zoo.


28 February 2008 our Zoo received a small chimp female Nicoletta. She was born 30 January 2007 in Nikolayev Zoo and came to our Zoo by exchange. She soon became a favourite not only of the Zoo but also of all Kharkov people.


All these years we have been searching for a friend for our Nika. At last we found him in Stary Oskol Zoo.

We invite mass-media workers to come 30 August to the House of Primates. The director of Kharkov Zoo, Aleksey Yakovlevich Grigoryev, will show you this much-waited-for newcomer.