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Believe it or not

City dwellers regularly bring various live "presents" to the Zoo. These are not only animals of local fauna but also exotic species brought from abroad. They come more and more "in vogue". At different times we received two Nile crocodiles. a male and a female. The male was named Senya and the female was named Jemma. Senya's lot was a hard one. He used to live in a small glass box just enough big to breathe. The crocodile grew bigger but the glass box remained the same. As a result, his jaw became crooked. That caused problems with feeding - Senya could not snatch food. In the Zoo the crocodile restored his health and feels quite comfortable. We placed the couple of Nile crocodiles into the winter facility of the House of Primates. 

As a result of their joint habitation several small cute but sharp-toothed young crocodiles were born. This is the first case of Nile crocodile breeding in the Zoos of former USSR. In the wild these reptiles have to come out of the water to dry land, make nests and lay eggs. But in the Zoo due to limited conditions they sometimes just drop their egg laying into the water. The egg that gets into the water soon dies. We managed to save several eggs and placed them into the incubator. Artificial "nesting" continued during 80 days, then the most interesting events happened.


The new-born crocodiles bit apertures in the egg-shell and started to come out of their "houses". Now the young are one month old, they weigh about 150 grams. They enjoy their living very much and are always in good form.

The general reconstruction plan envisages a separate spacious facility for them where everyone will be able to observe these animals.