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Attention! Foxes in the City

Quite often one comes across a fox in Kharkov. sometimes this occurs not in the outskirts nut right in the middle of the centre.

City inhabitants saw foxes near Kosmitcheskaya street, near Krasnoshkolnaya quay and in other parts of the city. If you see this animal in the street, try to avoid it. Foxes may be rabies and other infectious diseases  carriers.


Some people think that these foxes have escaped from Kharkov Zoo. We would like to inform that no fox has escaped from our Zoo. We have three fox species. These are is black brown fox (form of red fox), red fox, corsac fox and fennec fox. They are not interested to run away because they have all necessary care and love. The most talented of them take part in shows and other mass events thus bringing joy to visitors. Kids are particularly fond of them.

Причины появления диких лис в городе Харькове
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