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All Turtles' Day

Today, on the 23rd of May, many countries celebrate the Word Tirtle Day. This animal symbolizes wisdom, prosperity and great life span. The event originates from the second millenium A.D. In 2000 by the initiative of American Tortoise Rescue it was decided to enlist this date to the reptiles who inhabit the whole world but Antarctics and Arctics. 



It was on this turtle day that special attention was paid to awareness-rising efforts to attract the public to conservation of turtles. Each day these animals become victims of people who destroe them wilfully and unconscieously. The longevity of life of turtles is considered to be the greatest; some individuals can live more than 150 years.


Some interesting facts about turtles: 
- Hoffer turtles can dig tunnels 2 m long.
- The carapace consists of merged bones  of spine and ribs covered with osteoscuticle. Turtles can never live their carapace. It protects them from enemies. 
- Turtles have excellent eye-sight, hearing and smelling sense. They recognize their masters and can follow them everywhere they go. Still, that does not mean they should be kept on the floor at large.

In Kharkov Zoo there are seven kinds of tortoises - Mediterranean, Radiated, Steppe Asian, Euronemys, Trionix, Red-Eared, Cayman species.

At this time of the year they are laying eggs as if especially to their day! We celebrated "Tortilla Tortoise Birthday" on this day. After the recpnstruction they will be added to different exhibits thus making them more mystical and versatile.