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Aid to Colleagues in Georgia

Modern Zoos are unique institutions that instill love for live nature. Zoo workers are devoted to their task, they express infinite love for animals. Today zoological organizations cannot exist by themselves. Zoo working process comprises exchange of experience, exchange of animals, we learn from each other. Zoos are connected by strong functional and friendly relations. On may speak about Zoo fraternity. Zoos are always ready to render help to each other.

At present, our colleagues from Tbilisi Zoo face great tragedy. Abominable inundation that resulted in death and destruction in the land of Georgia, caused much grief in hearts of millions of people. Tbilisi Zoo bereaves great losses. Besides several hundred animals that suffered from inundation, three experienced and devoted Zoo workers have perished. They sacrificed their lives in order to save lives of animals. Our Zoo workers decided to help their colleagues who suffered from the inundation by transfering part of their salaries to families of perishes workers. We hope that courage and patience will help our Tbilisi brothers to overcome the ordeal.

Tbilisi Zoo will need time and means to reconstruct the Zoo . Only after this it will be possible to speak about Zoo collection renovation. We will certainly help our colleagues by transfering our animals to Tbilisi Zoo. We have no doubt that Tbilisi Zoo, like Phoenix bird, will come alive from the ashes. People and visitors of Tbilisi will soon be happy to visit the Zoo and admire Zoo inhabitants.