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Achievements of our Young Biologists

Young Biologists of the Zoo Luda Chukhray and Masha Shuvayeva won the third place in the regional contest of school projects "Amazing World of Swamps: ecology and protection of small and temporary water basins of Kharkov region" dedicated to the memory of professor Yu. I. Lukin. The contest was organized 10 October 2014 at the Chair of Zoology and Ecology of Vertebrates in Kharkov National University after the name of V.N. Karazin.

Luda and Masha made many trips to the National Nature Park "Slobozhansky" and helped the research assistants in their investigations on the territory of the reserve. They summarized their results in their research paper "Description of the floodplain swamp of the National Nature Park Reserve "Slobozhansky". Also they made multi-media presentation of their report. The girls plan to continue their investigations of the floodplain in the next year.