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28 May - the Turtle's Day at Kharkov Zoo

Turtles belong to ancient animal group, reptiles. Reptiles live in sea water and in fresh water, in forests, steppes, even in semi-deserts and in deserts. These amazing animals are relicts on our planet. They practically have not changed during last 200 million years. They are true long-livers. 150 years' life span is normal for them.

People sometimes cannot tell tuatara from an iguana, a legless lizard from a snake, a crocodile from a big monitor. Turtles can never be confused with any other animals. These reptiles are unique.

Turltes and other reptiles are part of natural habitat. They maintain natural balance. Mass destroyal of their habitat, pesticide pollution and limate change are general threats to their existence. 

First this event was celebrated in 2000 owing to the initiative of American society of turtle conservation.

Since that time Kharkov Zoo takes an active part in Shellshock conservation campaign announced by EAZA. Each year we celebrate "Tortilla tortoise birthday". Thus we attract public attention to European fresh water turtle conservation. 

European fresh water turtle is the only turtle species of Kharkov region fauna and in Ukraine in general. It is included into the International Redbook as endangered species. Fresh water turtle is included into the list of endangered species of Europe. It needs speical protection measures to be taken, i.e.l creation of special reserve zones. 

In 50-s and in 60-s of XXth century this turtle was a usual inhabitant of flood lands in Kharkov region. Today it is practically extinct. Single turtles that can sometimes be seen in city water pools are individuals released by unseccessful "animal lovers".

The program of the event:

- Theatre performance "Tortilla Tortoise Birthday" that starts at 12.00 near the Big pond.

- Games with a clown "Let's Greet the Turtle with her Birthday". 

Our visitors will see an exhibition of water turtles and dryland turtles as well as a photo exhibition "Turtles".

Also visitors will learn much useful information about turtles. Will Zoo will offer the following attractions:

- Guide tour.

- Lecture on turtle conservation.

- Radio broadcast "Let's save the turtles".

Let's spend this event together!





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