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28 March the Day of Birds in Kharkov Zoo

Spring is a wonderful season. The return of birds marks the beginning of Spring. Since the beginning of March we noticed larks, starlings, thrushes. Many people saw great skeins of geese and swans. Storks and herons came up to waterpools.

Traditionally, the Zoo greets the returning birds by the Birds’ Day celebration. On this day many guests visited us, among them children folklore group “Merezhka” with their leader M.A. Semenova.Their round dances and vesnyankas were a special treat of the feast.

Young biologists of Kharkov Zoo presented a show dedicated to the meeting of Spring telling us about the Bird of the Year, European White Pelican. There also were other “actors” – ferret, rabbit and fox.

 Close to the show there was a photo exhibition “How Birds Find Food” by Diana Zhavridovich, Young Biologist of Kharkov Zoo.

Schoolchildren from school N129 visited this event. They took part in “Create a house for Your Feathered Friend” activity. They brought nice houses for starlings that will be placed in the Zoo territory. Young Biologists of Kharkov Zoo told the visitors how to make nesting-places for birds with demonstration of the best works.  

Many visitors took great interest in photo exhibition by “Enactus” society. In the end of the exhibition everyone could take the photo he liked.

A special exhibition of birds of Kharkov region had been created for this occasion. Close to the exhibition there was origami shop. Young Biologists of Kharkov Zoo showed how to create paper cranes that make you wishes come true. Feather painting master class attracted much attention of our guests. There everyone could create a one-of-a-kind souvenir.