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The 23rd of May is the International Turtle Day

First this event was celebrated in 2000 by the initiative of American Turtle Conservation Society. The aim of the event was to attract attention of the public to the problem of conservation of this unique reptilia.

The most famous turtle of children literature, turtle Tortilla from Alexey Tolstoy's fairytale "Golden Key", once remarked sadly: "Once I also helped one man and afterwards he made combs out of my grandmother and grandfather". The look of turtles has not changed sicne the time of dinosaurs' kingdom on Earth. Carapaces of these reptilia differ in shape but their main function is to protect their owners, to give them a bony house. The animal does not leave its house. This saves the animal from many dangers. Sometimes it brings problems because a turtle, once upside down, cannot change its position by itself. Turtles are not that slow as they are usually considred to be. These slow creatures can overcome sand piles and ascend mountains.

Some peoples of Africa and Asia created turtle cults as turtles are "transport" to the world of diceased.They become main characters of fairytales and gods' companions. 

At last, everyone knows that our ancestors believed that the world rests upon a turtle. A carapace of an American box-turtle species can stand the weight that is 200 times more than usual turtle weight. If a human spine had that sturdiness, it might have stood the weight of two adult  elephants.

If one might confuse tuatara with iguana, a crocodile with a big monitor, a turtle can never be confused with anything else. Turtles are one-of-a kind reptiles.