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23 May Conservation Event "Tortilla Tortoise Birthday" at Kharkov Zoo

Turtles belong to an ancient animal group, reptiles. Reptiles inhabit seas and sweet water basins as well as forests, steppes and even dry territories such as deserts and semi-desrts. These amazing animals are live relics of our planet, they have not changed in the course of last 200 million years. They have a long life span. 150 years is a normal age for some turtle species.

Turtles and other reptiles make important part of biosphere. They help maintaint the natural balance. Massive loss of habitat, pesticide pollution, climate changes are basic threats of their extinction. 

Since more than 10 years Kharkov Zoo has been taking an active part in "Shellshock" Campaign announced by EAZA. Each year we organize "Tortilla Turtle Birthday" thus attracting public attention to the problem of conservation of European pond turlte.

European pond turtle is the only turtles species in Kharkov region fauna and in Ukraine. It is included into the International Redbook as endangered species. European pond turtle is included into European Rare Animals Species List as a species that needs conservation including protected reserve territories.

In 50-60s of the XXth century this turtle was a typical inhabitant of flood plains of small rivers in Kharkov region. Nowadays it is almost extinct there. Those occasional solitary individuals that can be seen in our ponds are animals released by people who has acquired them in animals shops and after having tired of them decided to "release them into the wild".

At "Tortilla Turtle Birthday" conservation event kids and their parents will be able to participate in exciting quest and plunge into atmosphere of true adventures. With the help of a map you together with merry pirates will fulfil different tasks and find "Common Snapping Turtle treasures". All participants will get prizes and presents.

Also our visitors will learn a lot of interesting facts about turtles.

The following exhibitions will be organized for you:

- Exhibition of turtles of Kharkov Zoo;

- Photo exhibition "200 Million Years in Armour".

Let's spend this holiday together.

The event starts 23 Mayat 11 A.M. near the fountain.