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17 May Eco-protection Event "Owl Day" at the Zoo

They soar in the night sky from dusk until dawn, these quiet ghosts with unique hunting skills. Their sharp ear makes it possible to hear a tiny careless mouse squeak from a long distance. Slight rustle of the prey makes the vigilant owl fly up in the air and attack the victim with amazing preciseness.

There are 8 owl species kept in Kharkov Zoo. Five of them (Barn Owl, Eagle Owl, Ural Owl, Short-Eared Owl and Scops-Owl) are included into Ukrainian Redbook List. All owl species are protected by international conventions that limit animal trade.

Each year people bring young owls two the Zoo. They find this owls in the city and think they have been abandoned by their parents. This is not the reason. Young owl cannot fly until its tail and wings are convered with feathers. They learn to fly by skipping from branches. In the course of several seconds of "vertical flight" young owl flaps its wings thus training them. After each such "exercize" the young owl has to climb up again with the aid of its claws and beak. Its parents might search for food or be close to their youngster. When humans approach, parents fly away and hide. That's why people often come across the "lonely" young owl sitting on the ground or on a branch. Unfortunately, on seeing a helpless young bird that cannot fly, many  people think its parents have abandoned it or they think the bird has fallen out of the nest. They take the bird away thus making this bird an orphan. This should never be done!

We would like to tell you of the necessity of careful attention to birds. Please be considerate when you come across wild inhabitants of forests, parks and fields. Do not interfere into their lives when it is not necessary!

The event will start at 11 near the Zoo fountain. All visitors will be able to listen to owl vioce signals. You will take part in quiz game, make puzzles and make a chalk drawing on asphalt. All visitors will get prizes and leaflets about owls. Also visitors will learn of owls' peculiarities listening to radio broadcast "Truth and Make-belief about Owls".

The following exhibitions will be prepared for you:

- Owl Exhibition

- Photo exhibition "Flying Masters of the Night"

Let's Spend this Event Together!