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10 years “By the Steering-Wheel”

30 October 2003 Alexey Yakovlevich Grigoryev became Director of Kharkov Zoo. Right from the start his motto was “From wild beast show to Zoo”. All these years he rigorously kept to his motto. The visitors’ comfort improves each year. Everything possible is done to make life of each four-legged, feathered or tailed creature more interesting and enjoyable. 10 years mean much – the Zoo is constantly developing and getting younger notwithstanding its age.

Alexey Yakovlevich was awarded various memorial signs, diplomas and commendations for his outstanding service in wild animal husbandry, research and education work, development of ecological culture. Rating of informational and business activity acknowledged him to be “Pioneer of the IIIrd Millenium” who moulds cultural heritage of Slobozhansky region.