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Agouti with Vera
05 March 2021

The South America exposition is getting more and more interesting every day.  This time the housewarming has been celebrated by the Mississippi alligator Vera and a group of Central American agouti.

The spacious 42 square meter enclosure is being explored by the alligator.  Vera's favorite place is a two-level heated pool.  The water in it is maintained at around 23-25 degrees Celsius, the air temperature in the aviary is at 22 degrees.  Quartz sand on the floor also helps to keep warm.  It heats up well, it is pleasant to touch.  Therefore, Vera likes leaving marks on it, like patterns.  In addition, the alligator has infrared lamps at its disposal, because ultraviolet light is extremely important for a reptile.

But the group of Central American agouti of five individuals was awaited not only by new apartments, but also by neighbors.  Marmosets settled in the 34-square-meter aviary a little earlier: males Adam, Luntik and Masyanya.  The primates reacted warmly to the new inhabitants, because in fact agouti occupy only the lower tier of the aviary, covered with pine bark.  Marmosets like to come here to treat themselves with something tasty. Agouti do not pay attention to such raids.  They happily crunch juicy fruits and vegetables, after which they preen themselves, run around in labyrinths from pipes or relax in cozy houses.