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Spring housewarming birds
18 March 2021

Spring is a time of changes and endless possibilities; for most of the animals of Kharkiv Zoo, changes are just beginning.  Very unusual and in their own way unique birds moved to their new possessions: pheasants and owls. Kharkiv Zoo is home to 3 species of pheasants, a pair of golden and royal ones, as well as a common pheasant.  Each of the species has its own spacious aviary, which is equipped with a house with an infrared lamp and auto drinkers, total area of the aviaries is almost 110m2.

Predators of the dark time of the day, very majestic and proud, are one of the largest birds in nature - eagle owls.  A married couple of these birds began to settle down on their spacious property of almost 190m2.  Most of the aviary is airspace, where birds spread their wings and fly with great pleasure at night.  The rock with caves, which occupies the entire back wall of the aviary, serves as a place for birds to rest and sleep, as does the sculptural imitation of a tree in the middle of the property.  In addition, the aviary is stocked with a variety of logs, twigs and drinkers.  Of course, our birds liked the new houses: birds love space like no one else - after all, in nature they have the whole sky at their disposal!