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Real friends
09 March 2021

At the invitation of the director of Kiev Zoo Kirill Vitalievich Trantin, the staff of our Kharkov Zoo attended a two-day training for the staff.  The training itself consisted of a series of lectures, such as: The history of the zoo business, The tasks of a modern zoo, The main directions of nature conservation and ecological activities.  In addition, those present got acquainted with the information on the work of all structural divisions of the zoo.  The main task of the training is to raise the level of personnel in general and to get a detailed acquaintance with the peculiarities of the work of a particular division of the zoo.  The specialists of Kiev Zoo, under the guidance of the curator of the exercises Kharkiv Sergei Vladimirovich, shared their experience in various areas of work - information and scientific activities, the nature conservation and ecological component of a modern zoo.

Trainings are very useful, first of all, for newly arrived employees who have seriously and for a long time decided to devote themselves to working with the world of animals.  Listeners will learn about the historical moments of the zoo's existence, get acquainted with colleagues and the nuances of the work of a particular department.  After the entire cycle of lectures, testing is carried out, according to the results of which it is possible to determine how much the material has been mastered and to analyze the general level of training of personnel, the topic of the next cycle of lectures.

We are very grateful to our friends - colleagues from Kiev Zoo and personally to Kirill Vitalievich Trantin for the opportunity to attend this event and will be glad to further cooperation in this direction.  Such trainings are very useful for us, the employees of Kharkiv Zoo, which is now going through a significant stage of "rejuvenation" of the team.